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Cocktail Garnishes: What Garnish For Specific Drinks

Garnishes are designed to add the finishing touch to a beautiful drink. Complement the flavor and style of the drink you’re serving with beautiful garnishes. What garnish do you use for cocktails?

Wheels, slices, wedges, spirals, twists or flamed twists. When it comes to citrus garnishes, cocktail recipes can get quite specific.  Here’s everything you need to know to garnish like a professional bartender!

Garnishes can consist of any combination of fruits, fruit wedges and cocktail onions. When preparing cocktail garnishes, always use fresh, washed ingredients. Fruit is not only used as decoration, but it can mold the taste of the cocktail as well.

It seems that larger lemons and limes are much sweeter than the smaller ones.  Also, make sure that the peel is thin, these tend to be juicer. In order to retrieve more of the juice a bartender will microwave the fruit on high for 20-30 seconds and then let stand for a couple of minutes before cutting and squeezing. Optionally, you can let them soak them in warm water for a few minutes for the same effect. Place the fruit on a flat hard surface with your hand on top of the fruit.  Begin rolling back and forth.  This softens the fruit and makes it easier to squeeze the juice out. Always store freshly cut garnish with either a damp napkin over it or in a garnish tray with a cover when not in use.  This keeps it fresh and fruit flies off.  Freshness is the key word here because sliced fruits usually will not last longer than 24 hours.

Nothing is written in stone when it comes to bartending, especially garnishing drinks .  However, try to use the appropriate garnish for the drinks “theme”.  Rum-based cocktails, like a Bahama Mama, are adorned with tropical garnishes and umbrellas.  Tequila based drinks can have any combination of citrus fruits.  Gin or vodka based drinks lean toward garnishes with a more distinguished flair: pearl onions, olives and the popular citrus twist.  Brandy and whisky drinks usually have minimal use of garnishes.  Upscale restaurants and hotels lean towards the larger, more unrestrained garnishes.  Your neighborhood establishments tend to go low key and functional.  In a nutshell, keep them unproblematic, logical, and fresh. And remember, a bad cocktail with a great garnish still equals a rotten cocktail !

Here are some basic guidelines for garnishing a drink:

Drinks are garnished according to the mixer, the alcohol and the drink or by the clienst preference .

Step 1 – By the Mixer:

Insert the items below into this format:   Anything with _____  is garnished with a ______.

  1. Cranberry juice = Lime
  2. Club Soda = Lime
  3. Tonic Water = Lime
  4. Cola products = Lemon
  5. Orange juice = Orange
  6. Sour mix = Orange and Cherry
  7. Olive juice = Olives
  8. Lemonade = Lemon

Step 2 – By the Liquor:

Hard spirits   come in a variety of choices and flavors that can determine which garnish will be most appropriate.  Vodkas can be flavored with lemon, watermelon, peach, pear and so forth.  Rums come in orange, coconut, raspberry and such.  There are berry liquors, pomegranate liquors and so on–garnish according to fruit flavor, if possible.

Step 3 – By the Martini:

  1. Cosmopolitan = Lemon Twist (some use limes or oranges as well)
  2. Vodka or Gin = Olives
  3. Vodka or Gin (Dry) = Lemon twist
  4. Gibson = Onions
  5. Manhattan = Cherry
  6. Green Apple = Cherry / Apple
  7. Bellini = Dried peach
  8. Pomegranate = Lemon twist or Orange

Step 4 – Other Drinks:

  1. Mojito’s = Mint and lime
  2. Mimosa = Orange
  3. Bloody Mary = Celery and Lime
  4. Margarita = Lime and salt
  5. Daiquiri = Orange and cherry
  6. Pina colada = Pineapple

It’s easy to garnish a cocktail as long as you know what the ingredientsof the drink are , so be educated about what you are serving.  Sometimes bars and restaurants also have specific garnish rules to follow for uniformity.  If you have any questions , ask the consumer if they have a preference , make it simply or just garnish with a lemon twist or lime.

It’s all in the presentation… immediately followed by the flavor of the cocktail!

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