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Double Dutch Cappuccino Martini
1 oz Espresso Vodka
1 oz Espresso Coffee

1 oz Coffee Liqueur
1 oz Half And Half

Pour ingredients into martini shaker and
add crushed ice.
Let stand five seconds.
Shake vigorously five seconds.
Strain into martini glass.
Garnish with a small whipped cream drop.

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The Art Of Creating The Perfect Martini

Martini Accessories
Make sure that your cocktail bar is equipped with all of the bar accessories to make your martini cocktails properly.
Martini Shakers
Some say that the shaking is what makes a great martini.  So, your martini shaker is an important element to creating the perfect martini.
Martini Recipes

First, find out the type of drinker you’re shaking things up for: Some people like a stronger, higher proof martini while others prefer a milder, lower proof martini. By changing the ratio of vodka and liqueurs, you are effectively changing the proof of the martini.

Remember that the liqueurs are sweeter and contain less alcohol than all the vodkas. Any recipe can be altered to fit the tastes of the martini drinker.
For stronger drinks (more alcohol), mix 2 ounces of vodka with 1/2 ounce of a liqueur or combination of liqueurs. For milder martinis, mix 1 ounce of vodka with 1/2 ounce of a liqueur. Or make them ˝ vodka, ˝ liqueur.
Martini Glasses
But the real art of creating the perfect martini, regardless of what kind your prefer, is in the presentation!  The selection of the martini glass is the first thing that the martini drinker will take in with their senses. 
When you choose your martini glasses you will want to take into consideration who and what you will serve in the glasses and what the celebration will be.
Martini Olives and Garnishes
The cocktail garnishes are ultimately as important as the glass in which the cocktail is served.  The garnishes are the finishing touch of the presentation as well as add to the flavor of the cocktail. 

Choose the perfect martini olives to suit the cocktail.  Decorate the rim of your martini glasses with flavored sugar and salt cocktail rimmers.

Martini Sets
From the shaking or stirring, whichever you prefer, the presentation of a martini creates the first impression!  Your gift of special martini glasses or the whole martini set is a unique gift that will have them remembering you throughout the year.

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